A well-balanced report, the rights of the authors preserved

10 Jul 2015

The ADAGP and its authors welcome the vote of the MEPs in plenary session on july,9

It is necessary to underline the essential transformations brought by the MEPs of the JURY comitee to the inital project proposed by Mrs Reda in january. They led to a document on which it is now possible to discuss. The sharing of value with the big Internet companies represents a fundamental society issue for the creators.
Everything about panorama exception has been removed. This vote of compromise should allow reassurance concerning this exception, which has no need to be generalized within the European Union. This non-binding report perserves the existing balance and the rights of the artists that have been suffering from desinformation campaigns, confunding "freedom" of acces to culture and "freedom" of comercial use of works.
The voice of the authors must be heard when it comes to legiferate about the use of their works, wether they are located in public or private space, and it has been. It seems essential to remind once again that artists don't make their living with nothing. The authors rights are their remuneration.

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