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Rebecca Topakian et Araks Sahakyan, winners of the 2021 Transverse Grant

Rebecca Topakian et Araks Sahakyan, winners of the 2021 Transverse Grant

In order to contribute to the emergence of works between different disciplines and to foster creative dialogue between artists, ADAGP and Freelens have joined forces to create the Transverse Exchange.

ADAGP and Freelens invite a professional photographer to design a work in tandem with an artist from another artistic discipline. The grant was awarded during the Polycopies Festival and the winners will be supported by Sometimes editions.
The jury, composed of Michel Bouvet (poster designer), Laurent Chardon (co-director of the Salon Polycopies), Flore (photographer), Charlotte Guy (editor Sometimes) and Sophie Knittel, (president of FreeLens) met on October 15 and a designated:
Rebecca Topakian, photographer
and Araks Sahakyan, performer and videographer,
for their work "Vordan Karmir"

Rebecca TOPAKIAN       &        Araks SAHAKYAN 

(crédits photos : Antoine Doyen / Lolita Siad-Guilleray)

Vordan Karmir is a project to transform violent photographs from the Nagorno-Karabakh war (2020) into an abstract carpet. This will be woven by Armenian upholsterers in the traditional way, with a red thread colored with a pigment from the red cochineal of Armenia (commonly called "Vordan Karmir").

This program includes an endowment of € 7,000 for the winning duo, restitution in the form of a book published by Sometimes editions, as well as artistic and professional support by the Freelens association and Sometimes editions.


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