Paul Heintz, Revelation Artist Book 2021 for "character journal"

30 Sep 2021

Among the 20 shortlisted artists, the 2021 ADAGP / MAD Artist Book Revelation was awarded to Paul Heintz, for his work "Character Journal" (extensible editions).




ADAGP and Multiple Art Days (MAD) are joining forces for the 6th year around the Artist's Book Revelation, which promotes and reveals current creation in this artistic discipline.

The jury, co-chaired by Jean-Michel Alberola (artist) and Joan Punyet Miró (Miró succession), and composed of Thibault Brunet (2019 winner), Marie-Ange Guilleminot (artist), Etienne Hatt (deputy editor-in-chief of the journal Artpress ), Florence Loewy (gallery owner, publisher and bookseller) and Lauren Tortil (2020 winner), chose to reward, from a shortlist of 20 artists' books:


for Character Journal

 published in extensible editions

(graphic design Atelier Choque Le Goff)


- Photo credit: Paul Heintz –


Character Journal is part of a larger project called Character. This project, carried out through several mediums (publishing, video installation, objects and wall sculptures), questions the status of the characters in novels and their impact on our collective imagination. The artist followed in the footsteps of those named after George Orwell's 1984 hero, Winston Smith.

The jury was thrilled with Character Journal, hailing a "near-police investigation in pursuit of a fictional character. Paul Heintz combines the raw material of his research and a lively story, all in a very beautiful graphic creation”.

Paul Heintz was born in 1989. Graduate of Fine Arts in Nancy, Decorative Arts in Paris and Fresnoy, a national studio for contemporary arts, he lives and works between Paris and Lorraine.

The winner receives an ADAGP endowment of 5,000 euros and benefits from a portrait filmed and broadcast on the Arte site. His work will also be presented on the walls of the ADAGP.


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