Meeting in South America

14 Apr 2016

Marie-Anne Ferry-Fall, CEO of ADAGP, is in south of America with CISAC to have a meeting with the Heads of Copyright Offices.



collaboration between collecting management societies and Heads of Copyright Offices. Analysis of the task carried out and proposals for the biennium 2016-2017

The initiative of audiovisual artists for the recognition of the Droit de Suite

Initiatives of the Latin American Governments in relation to the protection of Author Rights in the digital environment.

The dissemination of visual works, including 3D models in the digital environment has also changed the forms of licensing by the multiplicity of reproductions being made in digital networks. This involves aspects of both copyright and industrial property. At the same time, the resale right is updated globally.

Licensing of Visual Art Works in digital uses. Licensing at a global sca