Culture(s) of tomorrow : the world belongs to them !

16 Jun 2017

In 2016-2017, the ADAGP is strongly committed to the field of cultural and artistic education, launching a new programme for schools: CULTURE(S) OF TOMORROW.

Financed by the ADAGP and carried out by LE BAL/ La Fabrique du regard and La Source, the project was formed in the period following the Charlie Hebdo attacks in the conviction that the major players in contemporary creation must work on the ground with young generations and future adults in order to open up new horizons to them. By regaining confidence and optimism, children become the protagonists of their own lives and of our future.

A total of over 400 pupils aged 8 to 12 took part in 19 workshops, guided by their teachers and by artists, in order to produce an artistic creation together. Each artwork took around twenty hours' work to produce. Expressing themselves through fine arts or video, they gave free rein to their imaginations on the theme of "My Dream Country", throwing themselves into the adventure with curiosity and enthusiasm.

In celebration of all the work that had been carried out, an exhibition of the artworks was organised at the CENTQUATRE in Paris on 13 June.

Poetic and political videos, a giant map of France, metal shields welded at the forge, painted frescos and polystyrene sculptures, a mobile of postcards made from printing plates, a ceramic installation, a box of dreams... the artworks presented were a true expression of the children's imaginations.

This was also a great opportunity for them to enter a contemporary art establishment, see their works on display and discover those of the other participating classes. At the end of the visit they were presented with a publication all about their collective adventure, a souvenir of this gateway to our cultures of tomorrow.

Following a second stage of the exhibition at La Source from 9 September 2017, the artworks will be returned to the participating schools to be displayed there.