[Call for applications] Comic residency - ADAGP / ECPAD

24 Jun 2021

ECPAD (Establishment of communication and audiovisual production of Defense) inaugurates an annual multidisciplinary artist residency in partnership with ADAGP (Society of authors in graphic and plastic arts) and with the support of the DPMA (Direction des heritage, memory and archives) of the Ministry of the Armed Forces.



Through this residency, ECPAD and ADAGP wish to encourage the creation of an author by allowing him/her to work on a personal project.
This first edition apply to comic book authors whose project aims to tell a story inspired by real historical events, or created one, from the archives, the history or the missions of ECPAD. The story can also be inspired by the special historical place in history that represents the Fort of Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne).


What is the residence?

This program includes:

A 3-month residency at ECPAD during the first semester of 2022

Provision of a studio workshop on the Fort site (Ivry-sur Seine, Val de Marne)

A life grant of € 2,000 gross per month;

Personalized support in consulting audiovisual and photographic archives and making them available;

Immersion in the life of ECPAD;

The possibility of publication support with the support of the DPMA.


Who can apply?

A comic book author, without age limit, having published at least two albums.


What are the application procedures?

The artist must send a complete, typed application, recorded in a single document in pdf format, in French and must be sent electronically to actions-culturelles@ecpad.fr including the following elements:

A biography of the author presenting his/her previous work, residency experiences and / or creation (1 to 3 sheets).

A note of intent presenting the author's motivations, in particular his interest in history, photography, cinema, archives, and describing the artistic avenues and methodological approaches considered.

A portfolio of previous work.

The duly completed application form.

The duly completed primary control form.

The front and back copy of the national identity card.



Documents to download


The call for applications and regulations (PDF)

The application form (PDF)

The primary control form (PDF) (it is necessary to save the file on your computer in order to be able to open it)

In order to respond to the call for applications, candidates may, if they wish, consult the archives on site at Fort d'Ivry (conditions of access and opening on www.ecpad.fr).

All applications received before the deposit limit will be studied by a preselection committee. A maximum of five applications will be shortlisted and the finalist candidates will be interviewed for 20 minutes by a jury made up of three representatives from ECPAD, one representative from DPMA and two representatives from ADAGP.

NB: Candidates who have been shortlisted must send before November 15 a synopsis, between 4,000 and 6,000 characters, and a graphic notebook of the project consisting of at least three pages or sketches.


How to apply?

The application file must be sent electronically to actions-culturelles@ecpad.fr .

Sending documents by post is accepted on condition that the candidate has previously sent his/her complete file by email.

All correspondence should include this address:

Établissement de communication et de production
audiovisuelle de la Défense (ECPAD)
Département de la médiation et des publics
Pôle de conservation et de valorisation des archives
2 à 8 route du fort – 94205 Ivry-sur-Seine Cedex

Contact : actions-culturelles@ecpad.fr / –


Call for applications calendar

Launch of the call for applications: June 24, 2021

Deadline for submitting files: November 30, 2021 at 6pm



The Defense Communication and Audiovisual Production Establishment (ECPAD) is the direct heir of the photographic and cinematographic sections of the armies created in 1915.

Established at Fort d'Ivry-sur-Seine since 1946, ECPAD stores 14 million photos and 94,000 hours of films. These funds are constantly enriched by the production of ECPAD operators, adds from defense organizations and donations from individuals.




ADAGP is the French author's society for the visual arts. It collects and distributes copyright for nearly 200,000 artists around the world, including 15,500 in France.

In particular, it manages collective rights for more than 1,000 comic book authors who are members of ADAGP. The authors' society also collects the resale right in the event of resale of original boards and drawings on the art market (auction houses or galleries).

Through its cultural action program, ADAGP encourages the creative scene by initiating and / or financially supporting projects that promote the visual arts and ensure their promotion nationally and internationally.