Artistic and cultural education Adagp demonstrates its commitment with “Culture(s) de demain”

11 Jan 2017

Culture, the bedrock of society and of human relationships, a means of personal and professional fulfilment and a central concern of educational programmes, is of major importance for the young generation.




Three years ago, the Ministers of Culture and National Education launched a plan in favour of artistic and cultural education (ACE). The “cultural and artistic education pathway” for pupils, introduced by the school reform law, enables young people daily to access culture in all its forms and develop an artistic activity. After the terrorist attacks, the Government decided to strengthen ACE notably by prioritising collective artistic activities from a very early age, particularly in areas with the least access to culture.


Adagp has been keen to participate in this movement which spans the whole country so that culture and artists, with other actors in society, can transmit a new breath of hope to tomorrow’s youth.

As part of its mission, Adagp is thus launching a new programme called Culture(s) de demain with the educational platform La Fabrique du Regard and the association La Source la Guéroulde. The aim is to enable 500 children between the ages of 8 and 12 to freely express themselves through an artistic activity, to give them self-confidence, to enhance their self-esteem, but also to foster living-together and their integration in a society from which they sometimes feel excluded.


In close collaboration with the schools’ teaching staff, these primary and middle school students will build artistic projects with visual artists, designers, photographers, ceramists and video makers who are known for their combination of artistic and teaching qualities.

During this first year, 19 classes in Île de France and other regions will work on the given theme: “My dream country”.


The workshops started in November 2016 and will run until May 2017. A reconstruction will be organised at the end of the school year to exhibit all the projects carried out by the children.

This initiative will be renewed each year.