Survey of the Etats généraux de la Photographie

03 Nov 2021

The Etats généraux de la Photographie is launching a major survey aimed at the world of photography. 

Faced with the many challenges facing the photography sector and with the aim of improving its development and stimulating its influence, several actors have joined forces, at the initiative of the Filles de la Photo association, to organize the Etats généraux de la Photographie.

ADAGP, the Associated Agents, CLAP, Filles de la Photo, France PhotoBook, the Diagonal network, Saif and the Union of Professional Photographers (UPP) have joined forces in this ambitious project, which will lead to meetings in 2022 and the presentation of initial conclusions at the Rencontres d'Arles.

This prospective program aims to formulate an inventory of the sector, to highlight the important themes and issues that can be associated with its various actors, and to collectively attempt to formulate recommendations or perspectives. It aims to encompass all the links of an environment that goes from the photographer to all the users or distributors of images. With the help of the various associated structures, several consultation and discussion formats will be set up during the year 2022.

This survey among the actors of the world of photography should allow us to prepare these General States together. Please take a few minutes to share with us your experience, your thoughts and your opinions on the future of photography in France.

Thank you in advance.

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