Online license application


You wish to reproduce or show ADAGP members’ works of art? 

We offer you a simplified, centralized licensing application process for all types of media and uses of visuals or videos of our members' works of art. 

License application

To apply for a license, simply follow these steps: 

  1. Prepare your application
    Check that the creator of the work you wish to use is a member of ADAGP and that we manage his/her rights for the intended use by checking our directory.

    You will also find the copyright credits that are applicable to the artist and that must appear in the complete captions of the works. 

    Refer to our scale of royalties to formalize your project. 

    NB: If the work you wish to use is by an artist who is not a member of ADAGP, you need to get in touch with him/her or his/her right-holders and secure their permission.

  2. Fill in the form 

    After filling in your intended use (exhibition, corporate event, etc.) and its description, make a request for each type of use envisaged by providing the requested information. 

    If you are applying for several types of use, you can copy the list of authors and works. 

    A pre-production model is required in certain cases, e.g. modification of the work (cropping, reproduction of a detail, overprinting), monographic use or use on a cover or home page. 

  3. Processing of the application 

    Once completed, your license application will be processed as soon as possible by our services. You will receive an e-mail confirming that your application is being processed. 

    If required by your intended use, we will forward your request to the artist or rights-holders to ask for their agreement. Please take into consideration that this process takes time and contact us well in advance so we can meet your request in a timely manner.

    You need to wait until you receive our license in writing, including the terms and conditions of our agreement, to use a work from our repertory.

  4. Issuing of the license 

    Once we have the consent of the artist or rights-holder (for uses requiring their consent), we will issue you a reproduction license or a contract depending on your use. 

    This document summarizes the conditions of the license as well as the copyright credits to be included. 

Filling the form

If you also wish to acquire the high-definition files of the works for which you are requesting a license, please check with ADAGP Images or contact our Picture Researcher.

N.B. Purchasing a photographic document from an image bank (ADAGP Images or another) does not exempt you from securing a license from ADAGP. Your purchase only covers photographic rights.

Only ADAGP is authorized to manage the work’s reproduction rights because the author or rights-holders have granted ADAGP their economic rights.

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Online license application

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