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ADAGP in figures

ADAGP in figures

It is a fact that ADAGP has 12,000 direct members, 10,000 of whom are living artists and 2,000 artists’ estates. It represents worldwide a total of 133,000 authors and some forty artistic disciplines. Now you know who we are, but do you really know what ADAGP does for your artistic copyrights?

ADAGP in figures
- 12 000 direct members, 10 000 being living artists and 2 000 artists’ estates
- 133 000 represented artists
- 600 new artists join each year
- Over 40 artistic disciplines 
- 50 sister societies abroad
- €36 M in royalties collected in 2016
- Over 100 festivals, fairs and other events supported each year through the society’s cultural action
- 26 870 images referenced in the iconographic collection ADAGP Images
- 10% operating costs
- 149 museums, foundations and art centres under contract
- 275 contracts with TV channels
- Over 1 000 authorised long-length films
- 114 licensed press titles
- 400 auction houses and 800 galleries managed for the resale right
- Over 10 000 takedowns of infringing works online
- 47 employees
ADAGP is also contracts entered into with platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, Netflix, Who Art You, Artprice…, 18 sworn agents, an assured presence in numerous think tanks and bodies dedicated to the defence of authors’ rights  : Council for Literacy and Artistic Property (CSPLA), European visual artists (EVA), the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), Coalition for Cultural Diversity (CDC) etc…